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A/Ci Curve Fitting 10.0.xls
Provides parameter estimates based on both infinite and optimized mesophyll conductance, the laterfollowing Ethier and Livingston (2004). New version 11 December 2013


Pressure/volume curvefitting based on the approach of Schulte and Hinckley (1985);Schulte,P. J., andT. M. Hinckley. 1985. A Comparison of Pressure-Volume Curve Data-Analysis Techniques. Journal of Experimental Botany 36:1590-1602. Now with uncertainty estimates 6 October 2008


Photosynthetic Light Response curve fitting
Parameter estimates based on fitting a non-rectangular hyperbola following Marshall and Biscoe (1980) and Thornley and Johnson (1990).

Keeling Plot Curve Fitting
Calculates bothType I and Type II regression intercepts. Provides objective criteria to guide removal of user-selectable outliers following Bowling et al. (2002).


Leaf Energy Balance
Calculates leaf energy balance components (e.g. leaf temperature, transpiration, boundary-layer conductance, net radiation) from stomatal resistance, leaf size, shape, angle and solar radiation, windspeed, air temperature and relative humidity. Includes a worksheet for easy sensitivity analysis of different factors.



Two-Pool Decomposition Model 4.0.xls
Includes both a standard 2-pool parallel 1st order model and a reaction-progress variable or "curve-stripping" approach following Cerling et al. (2007).


Uncertainty in Partitioning Using Two-Source Mixing Models
Calculates uncertainty in source partitioning using stable isotopes for two-source mixing models, following Phillips and Gregg (2001).


Green Fraction from Digital Images
Executable program that calculates the green fraction in a digital image, e.g.fractional green cover. Based on the blue (B), green (G) and red (R)bands, 'Fast' gives the fraction of pixels in an image for which G-R>0 and 'Slow 'allows the user to specify the criteria for green pixels (e.g.2*G-R-B>0). The later version also allows for a variable threshold that can be set for different ambient light conditions. Can be run on all files in a list.


Leaf Transpiration Calculator
Calculates leaf transpiration from measurements of stomatal conductance (e.g. from a porometer). Required inputs are humidity, air temperature, leaf temperature and solar radiation at the leaf surface.

Other Useful (and Free) Software


ImageJ - image analysis and processing
R - software environment for statistical computing and graphics
Bio7 - modelling environment with ImageJ and R embedded
SAM - statistical tools for spatial analysis in macroecology
ECOBAS - modular modelling and documentation environment
DIVA-GIS - geographic information system 
Tiberius - neural networks
GP Studio - genetic programming
WinBugs - Bayesian modelling
WinDig - digitizing program to extract data from graphs (also see


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