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4 November 2008 Paper by Fisher, Malhi, de Araujo et al. on the land-atmosphere water flux in the tropics accepted by Global Change Biology (available online).

24 April 2008 Kevin gave a talk at ETH Zurich, Switzerland on satellite remote sensing of carbon isotope discrimination.

21 April 2008  Kevin gave a talk at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany on remote sensing of photosynthesis, evapotranspiration and water use efficiency.

17 April 2008 Kevin gave a talk at the Technical University of Munich, Germany on temporal dynamics of carbon isotope ratios in ecosystem respiration.

15 April 2008 Kevin gave an talk at the 2008 European Geosciences Union meeting in Vienna, Austria on observations and scaling of water use efficiency from leaf to globe. (pdf)

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Monthly mean canopy photosynthetic capacity  (╬╝mol CO2 m-2 s-1).
19 March 2008 Josh gave a talk at the QUEST Annual Science Meeting in Norton Park, Winchester, UK on quantifying ecosystem roles in the carbon cycle. (link).

18 March 2008 Paper by Fisher, Tu and Baldocchi published in Remote Sensing of Environment on global estimates of the land-atmosphere water flux based on monthly AVHRR and ISLSCP-II data, validated at 16 FLUXNET sites. (pdf Global predictions using this method can be downloaded here.

12 December 2007 Kevin and Josh gave a talk at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco on global trends in potential and actual evapotranspiration based on 20 years of satellite observations. Kevin presented a poster on global remote sensing of water use efficiency, an initial test and application of a synergistic approach. (pdf)

27 September 2007 Josh gave a talk at the 11th LBA-ECO Science Team Meeting in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil on the tropical land-atmosphere water flux - measurements, models and controls for evapotranspiration in the Amazon. (link)

16 October 2006 Kevin presented a poster at the AmeriFlux Annual Meeting in Boulder, Colorado on partitioning ET betweenplant and soil components using surface temperature and fractional vegetation cover. (pdf)

2006 Josh completed his dissertation on the land-atmosphere waterflux across plant, ecosystem, global and social scales, and GIS andspatial analysis for environmental justice and wildlife at the University of California, Berkeley.

18 October 2005 Josh gave a talk at the 9thInternational Symposium on Physical Measurements and Signatures inRemote Sensing (ISPMSRS) in Beijing, China on global estimates of theland-atmosphere water flux based on a remote sensing driven, fluxsite-validated ecophysiological model of evapotranspiration.

13 December 2004 - March 2005 Kevin collaborated with Eric Wood's group to compare approaches for remote sensing of ET, results presented at the 2007 Fall AGU Meeting (pdf) and the CEOP/IGWCO Joint Meeting in Tokyo (link)

17 August 2004 Kevin and Josh presented a poster at the MODIS VegetationWorkshop II in Missoula, Montana on remote sensing of plant transpiration and soil evaporation using MODIS data. (pdf)

2000 Kevin completed his dissertation on modeling and remote sensing of plant-soil-atmosphere CO2 exchange using optimality principles at the University of New Hampshire (pdf)